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It’s the Horses!

Received a call a year or two ago regarding a “haunting” in a house in the DFW area.  Seems there was something that sounded like a baseball bat hitting the side of the house and the attic floor loudly, along with a lot of otherworldly events occurring daily.  It was especially worrisome to the family because young children were involved.  It seems the haints had been making themselves known to the children in more than one terrifying way.

When the initial telephone interview occurred, it was disturbing to learn a paranormal group from the DFW area had already been out to the house.  During their “investigation” they managed to create more havoc in the already active house.  What had been a medium size occurance was beginning to become bigger than life, as it were.  Times like this make you ponder why some folks in the paranormal field are taken seriously at all.

Making arrangements to visit the house after a six hour drive, put us there on a Friday evening.  We checked in to our hotel and headed out to the house requiring our attention.  The young woman of the house was really calm considering the interruptions and chaos she had been experiencing on a daily basis.  It seems the previous group had gone in, ordered her out of the house so they could investigate, made things worse with their version of a seance and were about to leave. 

The homeowner wanted to know what could be done to make things better in their environment.  She was told to call them later and set up an appointment in a month or two.  They would then come back out to her house.  This time they would arrive and remove the problems, while charging her for the service.  While this is surely a way to ensure you are always employed, it is also less than honest, in my opinion.   

We went to the house to make contact early in the evening.  Her neighbors were there visiting with her when we arrived.  I went into the house alone and the energy was so great, the house began to heat up almost at once.  Told them we would be back shortly to see what is going on with the high activity level.

When we returned to the house, we settled in with our equipment to document whatever was going on in the place.  Immediately, there appeared to be the spirit of a man who drank heavily.  Turns out he was someone who knew the owner in life.  While it may have been annoying to deal with him on a daily basis, he was harmless.  After quite a lot of negotiating, he was left to deal with moving on with his life.  After a couple of days he did just that with nary a problem.

The next direction we took was to look at the extremely active spirit/s left to speak to within the house.  The young son, about three or four years old, was being frightened by whatever was in his room.  That seemed as good a place as any to head towards.

Once in the bedroom, I sat down on the bed facing the doorway.  The room was charged, you could feel it the minute you set foot across the threshold.  Very slowly my eyes closed and asked for the spirit to move forward in order to understand what had been happening.

Someone shouted, “It’s the horses!”  What an odd thing to hear.  Then a warrior was seen standing proud.  He then showed me masks made to scare and cause the participant, me, to flinch in terror.  It wasn’t going to happen.  He showed me himself with several otherwarriors riding across the plains and capturing horses.  He let me feel the freedom and the pride, what wonderful feelings to encounter.  I knew he was a Comanche with several other warriors.  We left after that and went back to do research in the hotel room.

Was I amazed!  Turns out the Comanches often wore grotesque masks to scare their children.  Apparently, a scared child is a good child.  Now I know what to talk about.

Didn’t take long the next day to get the spirits to understand they were no longer among the living.  We let them know they could move on if they wanted to move forward.  Asked them not to scare the children and told them horses would be in the room for them.  The young woman already had a few horses in the little boys room.  Since that time she has added more horses and deer also for good measure.  

Our homeowner learned how to use dowsing to answer questions and everyone is living peaceably again.   I told her they were called dowsing rods or wands.  Also showed her how to ask and recieve answers.  Everyone is now benefiting with the current arrangement in the house.

One thing that really struck me as strange though was when she and I spoke later on the phone.  She called the rods “talking sticks” then.  Just as she would have done if she were a Native American.  Seems the name just popped into her head one day and seemed right.

Imagine what we all could understand if we only listened to the little voice.  The little voice in our heads trying so hard to get through to us. 



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Spirit Rescue Work

Well, for all of you out there wondering exactly what a Medium does, there is a new show in town, Rescue Mediums.  Two thirty minute episodes each Saturday evening, 9 and 9:30/8 and 8:30 Central on WE Television, showcase the work of two Canadian Mediums who do spirit rescue.  You can read about it here…

They are no nonsense and do the kind of work many of us do, with their own little twists.  My husband and I both enjoyed watching them this past week and intend to watch again.  We thought it would be good to pass along the information for others interested in the subject matter. 

You will also be able to see how two people can go to the same physical site and get their information in differing ways.   By watching them work together, perhaps you can begin to understand small messages and hunches you are receiving.  It is different for us all, just a matter of our perception.   

Remember to  keep your messages in a journal of some kind, even the smallest “hunch”, and see if you begin to notice a trend.  The messages are yours and yours alone.  They will come to you in words or symbols for you to understand.  You are the one to unlock any hidden or profound meaning and act upon it.  Pay attention, they are trying to talk to you in many ways.  They will work to help at every turn with your ability to understand your own personal journey through this life.

Any questions?


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Rods or Pendulums, that is the question

A friend suggested I should share with you some of what I do.  So, here it goes with one of my true loves, dowsing. 

A young pregnant woman came to visit and my grandmother put a needle and thread in my hands.  I was four or five years old.  She told me you could determine the sex of an unborn child by using the needle and thread as a tool.  Little did she know, my life was pushed in the direction of dowsing at that very moment.  I might also add, my  prediction for the sex of the child proved to be correct as well.  With such an answer I was placed well on the path looking for perfection in all things.  Still looking.

Along about the same age, my Dad had me use a “y” shaped branch to help him find water so we could dig a well in the back yard.  It was a hard time in Texas, a seven year drought.   I recall seeing pictures in Life Magazine of Texas Ranchers burning the spines off of cactus.  It was all they had left to feed the cattle. 

You were not allowed to water your grass at will.  When we watered the lawn a sign had to be placed in the front yard stating well water was being used for the chore.  More than once a policeman would stop and have my Dad go cut the well off so they could be sure we were using our own water.  It seems many would put the “well water” sign out front of their houses and still use their city water.  It is so hard to imagine anyone doing anything so dishonest!

When you took a bath, the red sediment at the bottom of the tub indicated you may not be all that clean.  My Mother told us they were diverting water from the Red River to help with the drought situation in Dallas.  Who could have predicted you could take a bath and have enough soil left over for a truck garden as well? 

This was back during a time when you could see great dust clouds moving into the area.  We would put old sheets down around the bottoms of the doors and around the windows.  In spite of this precaution, the wind blew, the dust storm came howling under the doors leaving a layer of dust all over everything.  No wonder we had so many respiratory problems as kids!

I digress.

Using dowsing for so many things in my life became an everyday occurance.  Using dowsing,  you soon found you could look for more than water with this technique?  You can answer simple “yes” and “no” questions, look for lost articles, check for ripeness of a fruit or vegetable, the uses are limitless.  Here is one of the biggies I use it for….. ghosts/spirits, paranormal activity!  All of these ideas can be addressed with either a set of rods or a pendulum.               

When on a paranormal investigation, you can find areas to take pictures or record EVP with just a little dowsing.  The quality of your material will be generally better if you know where to look for activity.  In most instances, it is even more reliable than the new fangled technology, EMF meters.  I know it sounds astounding, it is true though.

We manufacture and sell dowsing rods.  Folks swear by the efficiency of our rods and they own others as well.  Apparently our wands are special, owners of other manufactured wands/rods, swear there is a notable difference when using  a pair of our wands.  They like ours best, don’t know what the difference is and have yet to understand.  But, if you ever want a nice set of rods, give us a holler at

We also give our rods away to help organizations locate unmarked graves and determine the sex of the individual/s buried within.  Wands have even shown animals rather than human beings being buried.  Horses seem to have been buried close to their owners in the past, they remain there in death today.  Don’t think it is an on-going trend trend today, at least not on this side of the Atlantic.

In all of our travels we have never met even one person who could not get the rods to react.  It is a given, you can dowse.  Would not want the word to get out.  If everyone can dowse, do you suppose it isn’t paranormal?  Do you think it may be normal?  Well, if it is….. let’s keep it a secret!  



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Now, hear this….

Well, once again out of a somewhat sound sleep I have been summoned.  Why do they do it?  It is like being the only telephone company in town and whatever time it is, day or night, the call needs to be answered.  Last night I talked to someone new and now there is a message waiting to be delivered.  It will not go quietly away, action must be taken.

After a while, your friends no longer shake their heads in disbelief.  They just listen to what you have to say.  All too often the information you have passed to them has turned out to be important, no matter how bizarre it might sound on our side of the veil.  Believe me, it can sometimes sound pretty darn wild!

 This time it is simply a name, a number and three spirits asking for a voice with a young woman who tells me she is a Medium.  Twice they have awakened me during the night with the same demands.  Twice is significant in that it isn’t going away and sleep will not come until I pass the message along.  Thank goodness for e-mail to help me dispatch the information, sleep can be succumbed to again.  

This brings me to tell you, we all get these messages.  They come most often in our dreams, listening to them should become a habit.  Unfortunately, in our world today, often we choose to not remember our dreams or our hunches.  They are important and as much a part of us as anything else in our lives.  Whole civilizations have been won or lost on the information contained in a dream.

Begin to listen to your dreams, we all have them.  Even if you are convinced you do not dream, you do every night.  You may not remember them, you do have them.  Perhaps you should begin to keep a journal and soon you will be receiving significant information regarding all kinds of things in your life.  You will be able to negotiate the ups and downs in life in such a smooth and sane way.  The thought you have not done it before will amaze you.  All you have to do is take your dreams to task.

Give voice to the information your higher self is giving you.  Listen to the help offered by loves ones who have passed on to the other side.  Listen to your guides.  The more often you do, the clearer your path will become to you.  Those hunches you are receiving are for you and you alone.  Take heed.   

Wake up every morning and say a big, resounding “Thank you.”  If you are reading this, thank you is the least you should say to the Universe or whatever name you want to use.  It will help you start each and every day off on the proper footing.  Who amongst us doesn’t need a solid footing in life?


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Say, It Can Be Done

In our world today, there seems to be an awful lot of nay saying.  “I can’t do that.”  “You can’t do that.”  “I’m afraid.”  What on earth is happening here?  Why does the negative seem to win out so often?   Do awake and aware no longer go together?  It is about time to take a stand on the side of Positive.

When will we learn how much our words truly effect our daily living?  It is time to take a stand on the side of positive living.  You may need to meet some Positive Affirmations.

If your day to day living needs a positive turn around, affirmations is the way to go.  They can change emotional night into emotional day.  So simple to do, yet so seldom done.  What is it that is holding us back?

The first thing to do as we head down this constructive line of thought is to remove the words “fear” and “afraid” from our vocabulary.  Not only is it such a freeing experience, it will help to turn the tide of thinking to the positive direction.  Rather than use either of these words, substitute the words “concern” or “concerned” for anything relating to fear.  Your mind will thank you for that and soon be working away on all levels to solve the problems in your life. 

If you are fearful, there is not much to do but flee in order to escape the situation.  If you are concerned, your mind will be searching for solutions to any concerns you may have.  Sounds simple, doesn’t it?  Well, it really is.  So many things in life are simple when we break down what we are doing and begin anew.  This is one of those things. 

The very next thing to do is write down exactly what you want, then verbalize it.  It should be simple and straight to the point.  This is basically what an affirmation is all about.  Put your mind on the path of believing you can do or accomplish whatever it is you desire.   With just such positive feedback, you will succeed at every turn.  The whole trick to this approach is to believe what you are saying.  Saying a positive thing often enough will allow your mind to believe exactly what you want to achieve.  When this happens, you will be on the road to success!

Try it, you will like it.


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Tales in the Crypt Repost

Have to admit one of my favorite places to go is a mausoleum so much activity there, even in the daylight hours,  going unnoticed.  This is great.  After dark when visitors have left, the games begin.  If you want to talk to someone of the dearly departed persuasion, this is the time to go and the place to be.

There is something almost seductive about the feeling of all that cool marble around you until you notice you are not alone.  The moonlight glistens off the white marble walls and the feeling of being in another time, in another civilization can overwhelm you, if you allow it.  Suddenly you could be in ancient Greece, walking through a temple all alone, then the sound of someone walking around in the next corridor brings you back to reality.  No sense being in a marble crypt, complete with a production crew who are paying for the facilities, and not taking full advantage of the moment.  Off we go, there is work to be done. 

As if by magic, a table and four chairs appear, out comes the candle and a lighter.  Someone is busy putting camcorders on tripods and there is hustle and bustle all around.   The director is checking the battery of the hand-held camcorder.  The seance is about to begin.

The cameras are all ready to go, we take our seats and light the candle.    The participants in the seance join hands,  get comfortable and off go the lights.   An all important prayer for protection is uttered and we are off and running.  The director then takes her place between us all, she stands with a camcorder held in her hands to get those all important up-the-nose close-ups.  Close-ups to make even the most higienic amongst us wonder if we measure up on the nose cleanliness scale.   

We have been told we are looking for Rudolph Valentino and he does not appear to be interested.   For a good fifteen or twenty minutes we ask for Mr. Valentino to visit us but nothing, nary a word or sign.

We change tactics and ask for a sign of anyone in the area who is with us from the other side.   Peter Finch appeared before me, laughing like a man who had just been the originator of an excellent joke.  He was certainly a cocky spirit and seemed full of himself.

Suddenly there is the sound of hushed male voices chattering as if they are in a men’s club lasting about twenty or thirty seconds.  Let me mention here, there were crypts all the way to the ceiling, the window was a huge stained glass one that neither opened nor closed.  Behind us was the small production crew and there was no way for the sound to have come at us from the direction it did unless it was from out of nowhere.  At this point, it was really getting to be fun for the ones holding the seance.  How can you help but smile when you know someone is taking you seriously?   Well, when you got a lucky streak going, you try to multiply your luck.  And so we did.

I am still asking for proof because the director is moving around us putting the camera on each of us to see our reactions.  At this point we were all questioning the sound and having a great time.  

Our director keeps asking to get more.  Never timid when it comes to a challenge, we asked for more.  We were once again in the presence of an other-worldly noise.  A long, low, masculine, very loud moan began to usher forth from nowhere.  How cool is that?  It was apparently impressive enough to have the director wanting more once again.   So, onward we went down the path to the other world, boldly going where few have gone before.

By this time Peter Finch was slapping his knees and laughing so hard he could barely stand.  It was fun indeed for all of us.  With a little push from the director, once again, we pushed forward for some “real proof”. 

This next portion is hard to believe unless you have been someplace and had it happen to you.  So here it goes…

I am asking for more proof, the director is in my face and then moves to the other side of the table.  Our hands are still all upon the top of the table, joined.  Our feet can be seen and Mr. Finch is beginning to develope a gleam in his eyes.  Should have known we were headed for rocky waters!

As soon as the director was standing opposite me at the table, something came out of thin air just above us and ever so gently touched me on the shoulder, then fell to the ground.  It was so gentle there was no way it could have been thrown, like someone tapping you on the shoulder.  Mayhem ensued and we had to break the circle to calm the director.  She was screaming and hopping around.  Definately had to be calmed down immediately.  Good ole Mr. Finch was about doubled over with laughter. 

We calmed her down, sat back down and our production crew decided it was time to pack up and leave.  Guess we had supplied enough “proof” for one evening.  Too bad, could have gone on for hours after that! 

 To this day, still have the wonderful quarter moon with a star in my possession.  That is what came down from the air that night, the apport that was given to me by a Hollywood Movie Star.  It is blue with sequins and the star is light in color dangling down from the moon.  It will be with me forever to remind me of what can happen when you ask for it.

When the production company left a few days later, our director confided she had never experienced anything like the things she saw with us.  Still don’t know if that was a compliment. 

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Clear Your Mind?

After reading a list of why people are unable to meditate, my thoughts have turned towards what to do to help them focus.  In our culture our senses are being assualted from every direction.  Where is the peace we so often crave and desire to enjoy?  Not far, sometimes we just don’t look in the proper direction.

Often people complain they don’t feel well enough to meditate, or their mind won’t get quiet or they are too depressed.  All of these things can actually be helped by meditation.  Why, then, would you not allow yourself the reprieve in your daily life?  The best way to feel like you are moving in a positive direction is to meditate, so why not give it a try?

When you hear athletes talk about “being in the zone”, they are talking about being in a type of meditative state.  It makes time stand still for you and allows you to focus on what the matter is at hand.  Meditation is a positive experience for your body and your mind.

For a beginner or someone who is having trouble with actually meditating, the recommended plan of action would be to purchase a good Meditation CD.  The best CD I have found for meditation is “Inward Harmony” by Marcey Hamm.  You can’t go wrong with this choice and, no, I do not have any financial interest in the CDs.  It would be good if I did as I have recommended this one for years.

Now, let’s imagine you have the CD, please listen to it with earphones and turn off your television and phone.  This will help to filter out all outside noises, allowing you to relax much easier.  In our culture relaxation is not something easy to come by.  So, even this you will need to learn.

One of the most effective ways to learn to relax is one of the oldest.  Sit in a comfortable chair, remove your shoes and put your feet on the floor or up on a foot stool.  It is important you are comfortable and that your legs and arms must not be crossed.  This will allow a balanced flow of energy without any blocks.  Close your eyes and begin to breathe evenly and deeply as if you were about to fall into a sleep state.

You will now begin to truly relax.  You focus upon your toes and feet.  Flex them, hold it for a moment and then relax them.  Where you may have thought they were relaxed before, now you can begin to understand the feeling of relaxed.  Please establish a point of reference with this feeling.  Now you do the same thing up your legs, your body, hands and arms, shoulders, neck, jaw and head.  When you have traveled the length of your entire body, you should be relaxed.  It will feel better than you can imagine.

The key now is to find something you like to do and somewhere you would like to be.  Visualize yourself there, along with an area where there could be a set of downward leading stairs.

If you are on a beach, sometimes a cluster of huge rocks could house the staircase you will need to follow down.  In a meadow, you may see a huge old tree or a small house that could have downward moving staircases.

Depending on how deep you would like to go, walk down that number of steps.  Eleven or twenty-two are two great numbers to use.  Walk down the stairs to the bottom.  In the bottom you will find a room with a door for an exit.

Here is where you make the door be whatever kind of door you want it to be.  It is good to see a lock in the door with a key in the lock the first time you are there.  Take the key, unlock the door and put the key in a pocket in your pants.  Here I need to say, it does not matter if you have on pants or even have a pocket as these are both visualized.  Open the door and step into your private garden.

When you move into your secret garden, it will have what you want it to have in it.  I would put a bench and a fountain there and then add whatever else appeals to you.  You can change it, if you so desire, from time to time.  Walk over and sit on the bench and see the wildlife.  Also become aware if there is anyone there with you.  If so, ask them to come to visit with you.  When you are feeling ready to return, retrace all of your steps, starting with closing and locking the door behind you.  Replace the key in your pocket and move back up the stairs.

When you have reached the surface, begin to become conscious.  Take a couple of deep breaths and open your eyes.

This is one of many, many ways to meditate.  If you are having trouble with thoughts coming into your mind, don’t pay any attention to them.  Allow them to just “be” and they will soon fade.  When you think about them, it gives them life.  So, just let them come and fade.  You will also find you will be occupying your mind with positive things, while you are moving through all the steps to reach a meditative state.  That is why this type of meditation is so good for a busy mind.   After meditation you will feel refreshed and be surprised at how clear your mind will feel.

If you go to sleep while you are meditating, don’t fret.  Sometimes your body will decide it is time to get some rest because you really need it.

May peace pass with you through the door.

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Twenty Questions

Question authority.  The call of the sixties.  I wore a button proudly proclaiming the fact that I did just that. Questioning became the way of life with so many of us who were young adults during the time.  And so it goes, questioning all kinds of authority becomes a familiar way to handle the world that appears to be real.   It gives you a sense of being true and being in control.  Sometimes.

If you keep up with me in this blog, you know I am a Medium and often find myself in the middle of weird goings on.   Along with this, comes a need to understand and explain what really is happening in my world.  I look for the most logical, easy way to answer the questions about reality.  Sometimes though, there is no easy way to the truth.  It sneaks right up on you and you had better be paying attention.  There is sometimes nothing logical to account for what is going on about you in your life.

I have always had trials and tribulations giving out information not grasped.  The need to understand what was being received is great.  In turn, there were times when the information passed along would carry only the logical nugget of the most useful information to those talking to me.  In other words, it was me putting a filter on the pictures and words received to help folks.  It was a matter of not listening properly to what was being conveyed to me.   It was important that it made good sense to me.  How foolish! 

My husband gave me a good swift kick often enough you would have thought I would pay attention!  He is always good for that and keeps me connected to what is real.   Even with his help, it is sometimes hard to stay on course. 

Unfortunately, for quite some time, when I would question what I was hearing, one of my earrings would disappear.  Whatever I wore, one of the pair would just disappear into the atmosphere.  As strange as this may sound, it kept happening.  When the words and messages being given to me were passed directly on without my thinking through them, the earrings ceased to vaporize.  So, the messages are being given still as they are received nothing more, nothing less.

Last night after doing a couple of tea leaf readings, once again the mind began to run through all the little questions within it.  The left side of my brain was attempting to control a coup, taking over completely from the right side of the brain.   It’s always an adventure when something like this begins to take place in my life! 

Well, sir, was sitting on the edge of the bed wondering how the readings actually work.  I see a couple of blobs of tea and then say something like, “Here is you working beside a nurse.”  Now, how does it work that you suddenly know that those two blobs of tea are the inquirer and a nurse?  How do I understand when a message is received?  Why do “they” decide to only give certain messages?  Why am I not surprised when the inquirer understands it and then explains it all to me?  It is a small miracle, there is no other explaination.   How does this miracle take place?

Well, these types of issues were rolling swiftly through my brain as my hands methodically began to take off my jewelry.  Took off three of the four rings I always wear and reached up to remove my earrings.  Felt my pinkie ring still on my hand as this was being done.  Then suddenly, it felt as if there was no longer a ring on the finger.  Putting my finger down to my lap it became apparent the ring was no longer there.  (Let me add here, none of my rings are loose.)  We searched the hotel room moving furniture, lamps, whatever might conceal the ring.  Nothing.  It had simply disappeared into thin air!  It will probably go the way of those earrings and never come my way again.  How sad.

The years have taught me there are some things that should not be questioned.  In the future, my questions will be clearer and my delivery to the inquirers will be exactly what is received, no added input from the left side of my brain. 

So, if you happen to be staying in a Hampton Inn and come across a size 6, 14 karat gold ring with an ouroborus shaped like an infinity sign,containing two tear drop tourmalines, let me know.  

On the other hand, remember to listen to your hunches or little inner voice.  We are given this information to help us act upon what is effecting us in our world.  They give you the message so you will use it and often to keep you from harms way.   Don’t question these messages.  Pay attention and perhaps you won’t be loosing any jewelry.


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I See The Light!

Dawn the day, start the brain.  This is not a good thing for a night person.  When will the rest of the world catch up to me and know the night time is the time to awaken?  It is so much calmer and nicer on the individual .  The daytime is so jarring on your senses, what with the sunlight and traffic and boom boxes.    Could this be why the night is preferred by spirits and ghosts alike?  Certaily it is not a matter that they are unable to communicate with us in the daylight hours, they are just too prudent to do so in many cases.

In many cultures the night is the time left to the spirits and ancestors.  Living people stay inside their shelters, allowing the business of the spirits to be carried out without interference from anything/one physical.   There is no question as to whose time is when.  This allows for both worlds to continue on with their living and not run over one another.  How wonderful is that?

After years of watching and much consideration, it appears that is why a person is able to capture so much more of the paranormal nature at night.  Those on the other side are poised and ready to rumble when we come on the scene with equipment and sensitives.   Their need to be heard is great and if you are at the right place, at the right time, you can listen and hear. 

I usually start when we go into a place with a simple “Hi, guys!”.   From there I explain, whether audibly or silently in my mind, why we are here and what we would like to accomplish before going.  If you treat the “dead” as you would the “living”, they will generally treat you as if you are a friend. 

If you want to take a picture, ask them to allow you to do so.  If you want to record EVP, let them know it is your intention to do so and explain a little about the device you are using.   Tell them to please speak clearly and loudly enough to understand them later on the tape.  If you are able to explain all of this, your results will be much greater than you expected.  They are wanting to be heard and often are grateful for you allowing them to have a voice on this side.

When you are packing up, getting ready to leave, be sure to offer a loud “Thank you.”  They will remember and when you return, you will be greeted as an old friend in most instances.  Everyone likes to be thanked for helping you, it’s the right thing to do. 

Returning home, sleep will often come quickly.  Just remember, it is better to sleep the day away, the night time is more interesting if you spend it wide awake and questioning.



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Massacre Grounds…. them’s fightin’ words….

I will be out of the loop for a couple of days.  We will be investigating a site of more than one Native American Massacre and it promises to be an interesting endevour. 

We have been there in the past and there was some really excellent EVP recorded by Lisa Olive of North Texas.  (She has started a new organization for women in the paranormal…. …… It will speak to the needs of women in the world of the unknown.  If you are a woman, please check it out.)  We came to the area chanting and talking.  The two best EVPs are one saying “Ya Ta Hey” to us and  another of one man chanting after I had been chanting.  Needless to say, can’t wait to get back out there.  Will keep you up to date with the happenings at the site.


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