Posted by: deedisparti | August 2, 2007

Tales in the Crypt

Have to admit one of my favorite places to go is a mausoleum, so much activity there even in the daylight hours,  going unnoticed.  This is great.  After dark when visitors have left, the games begin.  If you want to talk to someone of the dearly departed persuasion, this is the time to go and the place to be.

There is something almost seductive about the feeling of all that cool marble around you until you notice you are not alone.  The moonlight glistens off the white marble walls and the feeling of being in another time, in another civilization can overwhelm you, if you allow it.  Suddenly you could be in ancient Greece, walking through a temple all alone, then the sound of someone walking around in the next corridor brings you back to reality.  No sense being in a marble crypt, complete with a production crew who are paying for the facilities, and not taking full advantage of the moment.  Off we go, there is work to be done. 

As if by magic, a table and four chairs appear, out comes the candle and a lighter.  Someone is busy putting camcorders on tripods and there is hustle and bustle all around.   The director is checking the battery of the hand-held camcorder.  The seance is about to begin.

The cameras are all ready to go, we take our seats and light the candle.    The participants in the seance join hands,  get comfortable and off go the lights.   An all important prayer for protection is uttered and we are off and running.  The director then takes her place between us all, she stands with a camcorder held in her hands to get those all important up-the-nose close-ups.  Close-ups to make even the most higienic amongst us wonder if we measure up on the nose cleanliness scale.   

We have been told we are looking for Rudolph Valentino and he does not appear to be interested.   For a good fifteen or twenty minutes we ask for Mr. Valentino to visit us but nothing, nary a word or sign.

We change tactics and ask for a sign of anyone in the area who is with us from the other side.   Peter Finch appeared before me, laughing like a man who had just been the originator of an excellent joke.  He was certainly a cocky spirit and seemed full of himself.

Suddenly there is the sound of hushed male voices chattering as if they are in a men’s club lasting about twenty or thirty seconds.  Let me mention here, there were crypts all the way to the ceiling, the window was a huge stained glass one that neither opened or closed.  Behind us was the small production crew and there was no way for the sound to have come at us from the direction it did unless it was from out of nowhere.  At this point, it was really getting to be fun for the ones holding the seance.  How can you help but smile when you know someone is taking you seriously?   Well, when you got a lucky streak going, you try to multiply your luck.  And so we did.

I am still asking for proof because the director is moving around us putting the camera on each of us to see our reactions.  At this point we were all questioning the sound and having a great time.  

Our director keeps asking to get more.  Never timid when it comes to a challenge, we asked for more.  We were once again in the presence of an other-worldly noise.  A long, low, masculine, very loud moan began to usher forth from nowhere.  How cool is that?  It was apparently impressive enough to have the director wanting more once again.   So, onward we went down the path to the other world, boldly going where few have gone before.

By this time Peter Finch was slapping his knees and laughing so hard he could barely stand.  It was fun indeed for all of us.  With a little push from the director, once again, we pushed forward for some “real proof”. 

This next portion is hard to believe unless you have been someplace and had it happen to you.  So here it goes…

I am asking for more proof, the director is in my face and then moves to the other side of the table.  Our hands are still all upon the top of the table, joined.  Our feet can be seen and Mr. Finch is beginning to develope a gleam in his eyes.  Should have known we were headed for rocky waters!

As soon as the director was standing opposite me at the table, something came out of thin air just above us and ever so gently touched me on the shoulder and then fell to the ground.  It was so gentle there was no way it could have been thrown, like someone tapping you on the shoulder.  Mayhem ensued and we had to break the circle to calm the director.  She was screaming and hopping around.  Definately had to be calmed down immediately.  Good ole Mr. Finch was about doubled over with laughter. 

We calmed her down, sat back down and our production crew decided it was time to pack up and leave.  Guess we had supplied enough “proof” for one evening.  Too bad, could have gone on for hours after that! 

 To this day, still have the wonderful quarter moon with a star in my possession.  That is what came down from the air that night, the apport that was given to me by a Hollywood Movie Star.  It is blue with sequins and the star is light in color dangling down from the moon.  It will be with me forever to remind me of what can happen when you ask for it.

When the production company left a few days later, our director confided in us she had never experienced anything like the things she saw with us.  Still don’t know if that was a compliment. 




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