Posted by: deedisparti | August 8, 2007

Here a Guru, There a Guru

How we view our world, our filters, is how we react and participate within our culture.   Every facet of our existence is governed by these perceptions, including everything from the way we act within our family structure to how we treat our social counterparts.   It is no wonder truth is such a hard thing to find.  In some areas of our life, even questioning a thought or ideal is not allowed.  Is it so strange you find so many petty dictators running amok in our lives?  When you least expect it, another one pops up and refuses to go away until you agree with them.  Even when they hold their breath until they turn blue, it will not get me to agree with an opinion that is, at the very least, extremely flawed.  What purpose would that serve?  How could that be a good and positive thing?

A web group, having me as a member, has recently made me aware of these little tyrants calling all the shots.  My mind was reacting with a “How can this be?” and “Don’t people really want to examine the truth?”  The answer was of course not, as it is painful and complicated to research and think through the issue at hand.  Statements were made on a Meet Up Group dealing with the ideal of spirituality and how to learn to lead a positive life, each of the statements was inherently flawed.   Each made the petty tyrant the be all, end all expert.   A few years ago, would have just said, “What a crock!”.  Now, my stubborn streak has allowed me to speak up and basically cause trouble in paradise.  

One person had set themselves up as the chief guru of the group.  What surprised me more than the stand the manipulative person took, was the stand the people in her “group” took with her.  She had the ability to cause folks to follow her blindly down the primrose path and never, not once, look back.   She would take money from anyone wanting her services.  Nevermind she had no real life experience in the things she does and that she felt she knew all there was to know about the spiritual and paranormal in her own mind.  She refused to be questioned when it came to her advice or or the blanket statements she made having already set them in stone.  To me, this is when I really begin to question and as a result, branding me a trouble maker was easy for her to do.  For me, her insight was a bit too one-sided, requiring me to blindly follow anything.  Also moving in any direction she so desired was a bit more than I could stand.  With this attitude, my brakes went on and a resounding “No!” echoed through my brain.

So, I ask you to look about you and realize who amongst us is not quite what they want to appear to be?  It is best in some instances to stand up and do the right thing, no matter the group does not see what is being done around them.  Let everyone know you smell something rotten and you would appreciate it if others would take a second look as well.   It can only help to bring people to an understanding of the need for truth in their daily lives.  It is out there for us all.




  1. Good for you for standing up to this person.

    I used to get a number of people sending me e-mails and wanting me to comment on the situation in the Middle East (since I live in Morocco), and the wars going on there. But after a couple years of this, I asked to be taken off all lists for this sort of thing, and I don’t discuss any of that any more, except with about two or three friends, who like me, are interested in looking for the truth, no matter whose viewpoint it dovetails with. Just like you, I found most people don’t want the truth at all. They would get mad at me for forwarding clever e-mails on both sides of the political spectrum, because then they couldn’t tell whose side I was on! (The answer was on no one’s side, just looking for the truth, and if either side had something interesting, I was willing to forward it.) Most people only want to forward things that agree with their opinions, and it becomes like a club of people reinforcing like ideas. If you don’t agree with their closed ideas, they are so discomfited they start name-calling to get you back in line! (My Dad was doing this. Others who did this, I have stopped corresponding with.)

    Margot, the Marrakesh Mystic

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