Posted by: deedisparti | August 11, 2007

Demons, anyone?

While the subject of demons comes up often, generally they are not to be found.  Like all things paranormal, they are there though it is in small quantities.  Sometimes when I see a call for “Ghost Investigators” or “Paranormal Investigators” go out, it is for a violent haunting involving demons or something equally as nasty.  Most of the time the haunting has only been documented through a phone call and in an attempt to investigate a problem, the investigators will take all that they are told as the gospel.  Often this is what they will report back as their final analysis.  For the most part, the violent haunting is as violent as the making of a pb&j sandwich.  Fortunately, the investigators who do this type of sensational investigations are few in number.  There are also those few who will offer to remove a curse or haunting for a nominal sum of money,  this is when you know you have the wrong people involved and should feel a need to move on in your search for help. 

Most investigators are prudent and through in what they are doing to document paranormal activity and find the truth.  These are the ones you need to seek out if you want real help.  If you or someone you know has a flurry of paranormal activity in their lives, it is best to look for one of these reputable investigators.  These folks will have a no nonsense attitude towards the paranormal and look for normal explanations to all the activity you are experiencing.   If there seems to not be an easy explanation, they will move forward into looking for the more exotic reasons you may be having trouble.

More often than not, any strange activity you experience is nothing to become alarmed about.  If your problem falls under the paranormal unbrella, it is also probably going to be nothing more than someone wanting to be acknowledged.  Imagine how hard it must be to move to the other side and find no one hears or sees you anymore.  That could be a very lonely existence. 

Also ask yourself what there is to fear?  Someone showing themselves to you?  Someone making a noise or moving a piece of furniture?  By being reasonable, you will see there is nothing to fear and a lot to question.  If you keep your head squarely upon your shoulders, resolutions to any problems will come quickly and easily. 

You are not living in a Hollywood Movie, don’t expect the same fate that befalls the actors to be yours as well.  Hollywood’s idea of the paranormal is a far cry from reality.  They are causing fear and mayhem in the movie goers to sell those tickets in the good old capitalistic way.   There is not a thing wrong with that for entertainment, it is just not reality.

When you come to understand that “someone” is communicating with you, the best thing to do is communicate back.  If you speak out loud and ask them to be a little quieter or to not wake you up at night, they will listen.  If done in a positive and firm manner you will quickly be able to resolve the situation.  If you do not want anyone in your bedroom or bathroom simply ask politely for them to stay out of both places.  We find that is all that is needed to have privacy in your own home.  These are people you are dealing with and they will react just like the other people in your life.

And, lastly, remember to keep a sense of humor on the back burner to bring up to the front during any kind of ghostly activity.  Humor will always turn a situation around and help relieve any anxiety you may have.  It will also help to relieve stress in these situations and keep you more balanced and calm.  

Let me know how your hauntings go.




  1. We have recently been working on a case in which an 11 year old girl has been under attack. As you stated can happen, our investigation revealed little, however, we did see photos taken by the family that did show the scratches and reddened marks around her neck. All attacks have been witnessed by family members. We performed an extensive face-to-face 2 1/2 hour interview in addition to our investigation and my telephone interview.

    I do not believe that what I have been told or have seen have been fabricated – even though we did not experience anything on our one investigation, these energies do not always ‘perform’ as we wish upon our request or desire so that we may document. Sometimes they lurk or hide.

    We are aware of the child’s age and gender possibly being a factor – it could also be pk. This could be any number of things besides something demonic even though the severity and types of attacks indicate some signs of this…again,however, I cannot say. I would not attempt to do anything outside of my scope nor do we ever charge for our services.

    I do not know how often other groups see these types of cases – it is the second time for me within a year that I have seen indications of acts of violence against against a person or the extreme physical destruction of a home that rendered it virtually unlivable – this I did see and experience. Are these cases really that rare? I wonder.

  2. As I said, these things do happen, however, not as often as you would think. Generally, if you don’t experience the activity, it often is nothing as bad as described. If it is PK activity, it will generally stop of its’ own accord.

    If you find yourself in this situation again, it would be better to call someone in who knows how to handle the event in a productive way. There are a lot of us out there who do tackle these types of things and have a positive track record.

    Thank you so much for your comments.

  3. I agree that there are such things. Just think that a lot of the activity reported as demons are nothing more than PK or spirit activity, that’s all. Also, would classify demons as paranormal activity, they are certainly not normal activity.

    Yes, you should have someone qualified to handle these situations. It would be unwise to do anything else.

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