Posted by: deedisparti | August 11, 2007

Graveyard Shift

Have you ever wondered why a graveyard is so frightening to so many of the living?  What do they expect to find after dark that can send them scurrying to their cars?  What monsters must lurk behind the stones?   Are the dead really living?  Are the living really dead? 

There are no better places to find paranormal activity of this ghostly kind than a cemetery.  When we enter, our sense of mortality begins to come forward into our conscious minds.  This is not an easy feeling to deal with as a human being.  The thought of being no more, when our physical body returns to the earth, will shake even the sturdiest of souls.  Our fear of physical death is fueled by the thoughts of ghosts and monsters making themselves known to us any place where we feel uneasy.   This feeling is multiplied ten-fold when the sun goes down and darkness approaches.  Our nice warm comfort zone is invaded by the darkness and we feel threatened.

It is hard for us to wrap our mind around the fact that we are the same person without a physical body as we were with a physical body.  We will still avoid those we don’t see as friendly or understanding.  If you are a prankster in life, you are a prankster after your life as well.  A bully remains a bully and a kind-hearted person continues to reflect that part of their personality.  You do not turn into a creepy, scary monster when you die, you are simply a continuation of “You”.

Now, here is where I come into the picture.  Going with you into the “forbidden zone” of fear and darkness, it becomes a time when we can reach out and get a glimse of what is on the other side.  For most, it turns into a good time filled with unusual pictures and EVP you can understand.

Certainly, there are many people who call themselves “Ghost Hunters” who will tell you there is not even a solitary spirit in a cemetery.  If they do not confirm the existence of spirits through EVP or photos, there simply isn’t anyone there.  This shows you the lengths a spirit will go to in order to avoid someone they don’t want to have contact with on any level.   The investigators leave without a clue someone had been watching them the whole time. 

When we go into a place, the first thing we do is tell all the attending spirits “hello”.  The last thing we do when we go into a place is say, “Thank you.”  These are two most important things to do on an investigation.  The hello gets you in the door, as it were, and the thank you will allow you to be welcomed back in the future.  They are there, it is just a matter of you being able to connect.

If ever we meet, perhaps we will get to do a bit of investigating together.  You will see how easy it is to move into the unknown without fear.  Who knows, maybe a deceased movie star will acknowledge you and just think what a story that will make for you to tell your grandchildren!  


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