Posted by: deedisparti | August 15, 2007

I See The Light!

Dawn the day, start the brain.  This is not a good thing for a night person.  When will the rest of the world catch up to me and know the night time is the time to awaken?  It is so much calmer and nicer on the individual .  The daytime is so jarring on your senses, what with the sunlight and traffic and boom boxes.    Could this be why the night is preferred by spirits and ghosts alike?  Certaily it is not a matter that they are unable to communicate with us in the daylight hours, they are just too prudent to do so in many cases.

In many cultures the night is the time left to the spirits and ancestors.  Living people stay inside their shelters, allowing the business of the spirits to be carried out without interference from anything/one physical.   There is no question as to whose time is when.  This allows for both worlds to continue on with their living and not run over one another.  How wonderful is that?

After years of watching and much consideration, it appears that is why a person is able to capture so much more of the paranormal nature at night.  Those on the other side are poised and ready to rumble when we come on the scene with equipment and sensitives.   Their need to be heard is great and if you are at the right place, at the right time, you can listen and hear. 

I usually start when we go into a place with a simple “Hi, guys!”.   From there I explain, whether audibly or silently in my mind, why we are here and what we would like to accomplish before going.  If you treat the “dead” as you would the “living”, they will generally treat you as if you are a friend. 

If you want to take a picture, ask them to allow you to do so.  If you want to record EVP, let them know it is your intention to do so and explain a little about the device you are using.   Tell them to please speak clearly and loudly enough to understand them later on the tape.  If you are able to explain all of this, your results will be much greater than you expected.  They are wanting to be heard and often are grateful for you allowing them to have a voice on this side.

When you are packing up, getting ready to leave, be sure to offer a loud “Thank you.”  They will remember and when you return, you will be greeted as an old friend in most instances.  Everyone likes to be thanked for helping you, it’s the right thing to do. 

Returning home, sleep will often come quickly.  Just remember, it is better to sleep the day away, the night time is more interesting if you spend it wide awake and questioning.





  1. I like this post. It’s another way of saying, “Do unto others as you would have others do unto you.”

    Margot in Marrakesh

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