Posted by: deedisparti | August 20, 2007

Twenty Questions

Question authority.  The call of the sixties.  I wore a button proudly proclaiming the fact that I did just that. Questioning became the way of life with so many of us who were young adults during the time.  And so it goes, questioning all kinds of authority becomes a familiar way to handle the world that appears to be real.   It gives you a sense of being true and being in control.  Sometimes.

If you keep up with me in this blog, you know I am a Medium and often find myself in the middle of weird goings on.   Along with this, comes a need to understand and explain what really is happening in my world.  I look for the most logical, easy way to answer the questions about reality.  Sometimes though, there is no easy way to the truth.  It sneaks right up on you and you had better be paying attention.  There is sometimes nothing logical to account for what is going on about you in your life.

I have always had trials and tribulations giving out information not grasped.  The need to understand what was being received is great.  In turn, there were times when the information passed along would carry only the logical nugget of the most useful information to those talking to me.  In other words, it was me putting a filter on the pictures and words received to help folks.  It was a matter of not listening properly to what was being conveyed to me.   It was important that it made good sense to me.  How foolish! 

My husband gave me a good swift kick often enough you would have thought I would pay attention!  He is always good for that and keeps me connected to what is real.   Even with his help, it is sometimes hard to stay on course. 

Unfortunately, for quite some time, when I would question what I was hearing, one of my earrings would disappear.  Whatever I wore, one of the pair would just disappear into the atmosphere.  As strange as this may sound, it kept happening.  When the words and messages being given to me were passed directly on without my thinking through them, the earrings ceased to vaporize.  So, the messages are being given still as they are received nothing more, nothing less.

Last night after doing a couple of tea leaf readings, once again the mind began to run through all the little questions within it.  The left side of my brain was attempting to control a coup, taking over completely from the right side of the brain.   It’s always an adventure when something like this begins to take place in my life! 

Well, sir, was sitting on the edge of the bed wondering how the readings actually work.  I see a couple of blobs of tea and then say something like, “Here is you working beside a nurse.”  Now, how does it work that you suddenly know that those two blobs of tea are the inquirer and a nurse?  How do I understand when a message is received?  Why do “they” decide to only give certain messages?  Why am I not surprised when the inquirer understands it and then explains it all to me?  It is a small miracle, there is no other explaination.   How does this miracle take place?

Well, these types of issues were rolling swiftly through my brain as my hands methodically began to take off my jewelry.  Took off three of the four rings I always wear and reached up to remove my earrings.  Felt my pinkie ring still on my hand as this was being done.  Then suddenly, it felt as if there was no longer a ring on the finger.  Putting my finger down to my lap it became apparent the ring was no longer there.  (Let me add here, none of my rings are loose.)  We searched the hotel room moving furniture, lamps, whatever might conceal the ring.  Nothing.  It had simply disappeared into thin air!  It will probably go the way of those earrings and never come my way again.  How sad.

The years have taught me there are some things that should not be questioned.  In the future, my questions will be clearer and my delivery to the inquirers will be exactly what is received, no added input from the left side of my brain. 

So, if you happen to be staying in a Hampton Inn and come across a size 6, 14 karat gold ring with an ouroborus shaped like an infinity sign,containing two tear drop tourmalines, let me know.  

On the other hand, remember to listen to your hunches or little inner voice.  We are given this information to help us act upon what is effecting us in our world.  They give you the message so you will use it and often to keep you from harms way.   Don’t question these messages.  Pay attention and perhaps you won’t be loosing any jewelry.




  1. Sounds like you are going into a project that actually requires you to be a bit more hands on….
    Getting rid of the ring frees you to get a better grip and new insight… : ) Just one perspective.

  2. While the insight is probably very good and appreciated, am already a very hands on person. This is just the way my Guides really smack me up side the head. I love my jewelry and they do this when I am not listening to them as I should. Gets my attention, causes me to listen.

  3. Well, for those of you keeping up with my trials and tribulations, the ring was sent back to me. It appeared out of nowhere. There is no way to explain it in a sane and rational manner. It just happened…. *poof*

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