Posted by: deedisparti | August 23, 2007

Clear Your Mind?

After reading a list of why people are unable to meditate, my thoughts have turned towards what to do to help them focus.  In our culture our senses are being assualted from every direction.  Where is the peace we so often crave and desire to enjoy?  Not far, sometimes we just don’t look in the proper direction.

Often people complain they don’t feel well enough to meditate, or their mind won’t get quiet or they are too depressed.  All of these things can actually be helped by meditation.  Why, then, would you not allow yourself the reprieve in your daily life?  The best way to feel like you are moving in a positive direction is to meditate, so why not give it a try?

When you hear athletes talk about “being in the zone”, they are talking about being in a type of meditative state.  It makes time stand still for you and allows you to focus on what the matter is at hand.  Meditation is a positive experience for your body and your mind.

For a beginner or someone who is having trouble with actually meditating, the recommended plan of action would be to purchase a good Meditation CD.  The best CD I have found for meditation is “Inward Harmony” by Marcey Hamm.  You can’t go wrong with this choice and, no, I do not have any financial interest in the CDs.  It would be good if I did as I have recommended this one for years.

Now, let’s imagine you have the CD, please listen to it with earphones and turn off your television and phone.  This will help to filter out all outside noises, allowing you to relax much easier.  In our culture relaxation is not something easy to come by.  So, even this you will need to learn.

One of the most effective ways to learn to relax is one of the oldest.  Sit in a comfortable chair, remove your shoes and put your feet on the floor or up on a foot stool.  It is important you are comfortable and that your legs and arms must not be crossed.  This will allow a balanced flow of energy without any blocks.  Close your eyes and begin to breathe evenly and deeply as if you were about to fall into a sleep state.

You will now begin to truly relax.  You focus upon your toes and feet.  Flex them, hold it for a moment and then relax them.  Where you may have thought they were relaxed before, now you can begin to understand the feeling of relaxed.  Please establish a point of reference with this feeling.  Now you do the same thing up your legs, your body, hands and arms, shoulders, neck, jaw and head.  When you have traveled the length of your entire body, you should be relaxed.  It will feel better than you can imagine.

The key now is to find something you like to do and somewhere you would like to be.  Visualize yourself there, along with an area where there could be a set of downward leading stairs.

If you are on a beach, sometimes a cluster of huge rocks could house the staircase you will need to follow down.  In a meadow, you may see a huge old tree or a small house that could have downward moving staircases.

Depending on how deep you would like to go, walk down that number of steps.  Eleven or twenty-two are two great numbers to use.  Walk down the stairs to the bottom.  In the bottom you will find a room with a door for an exit.

Here is where you make the door be whatever kind of door you want it to be.  It is good to see a lock in the door with a key in the lock the first time you are there.  Take the key, unlock the door and put the key in a pocket in your pants.  Here I need to say, it does not matter if you have on pants or even have a pocket as these are both visualized.  Open the door and step into your private garden.

When you move into your secret garden, it will have what you want it to have in it.  I would put a bench and a fountain there and then add whatever else appeals to you.  You can change it, if you so desire, from time to time.  Walk over and sit on the bench and see the wildlife.  Also become aware if there is anyone there with you.  If so, ask them to come to visit with you.  When you are feeling ready to return, retrace all of your steps, starting with closing and locking the door behind you.  Replace the key in your pocket and move back up the stairs.

When you have reached the surface, begin to become conscious.  Take a couple of deep breaths and open your eyes.

This is one of many, many ways to meditate.  If you are having trouble with thoughts coming into your mind, don’t pay any attention to them.  Allow them to just “be” and they will soon fade.  When you think about them, it gives them life.  So, just let them come and fade.  You will also find you will be occupying your mind with positive things, while you are moving through all the steps to reach a meditative state.  That is why this type of meditation is so good for a busy mind.   After meditation you will feel refreshed and be surprised at how clear your mind will feel.

If you go to sleep while you are meditating, don’t fret.  Sometimes your body will decide it is time to get some rest because you really need it.

May peace pass with you through the door.



  1. This were very helpful suggestions. I suggest mentioning this article in Wolfpaw in the ongoing Meditation Discussion in the Forum.

    Margot, in Marrakesh

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