Posted by: deedisparti | August 29, 2007

Say, It Can Be Done

In our world today, there seems to be an awful lot of nay saying.  “I can’t do that.”  “You can’t do that.”  “I’m afraid.”  What on earth is happening here?  Why does the negative seem to win out so often?   Do awake and aware no longer go together?  It is about time to take a stand on the side of Positive.

When will we learn how much our words truly effect our daily living?  It is time to take a stand on the side of positive living.  You may need to meet some Positive Affirmations.

If your day to day living needs a positive turn around, affirmations is the way to go.  They can change emotional night into emotional day.  So simple to do, yet so seldom done.  What is it that is holding us back?

The first thing to do as we head down this constructive line of thought is to remove the words “fear” and “afraid” from our vocabulary.  Not only is it such a freeing experience, it will help to turn the tide of thinking to the positive direction.  Rather than use either of these words, substitute the words “concern” or “concerned” for anything relating to fear.  Your mind will thank you for that and soon be working away on all levels to solve the problems in your life. 

If you are fearful, there is not much to do but flee in order to escape the situation.  If you are concerned, your mind will be searching for solutions to any concerns you may have.  Sounds simple, doesn’t it?  Well, it really is.  So many things in life are simple when we break down what we are doing and begin anew.  This is one of those things. 

The very next thing to do is write down exactly what you want, then verbalize it.  It should be simple and straight to the point.  This is basically what an affirmation is all about.  Put your mind on the path of believing you can do or accomplish whatever it is you desire.   With just such positive feedback, you will succeed at every turn.  The whole trick to this approach is to believe what you are saying.  Saying a positive thing often enough will allow your mind to believe exactly what you want to achieve.  When this happens, you will be on the road to success!

Try it, you will like it.




  1. I can attest to Dee’s affirmations. She wrote some for me about a year ago and interestingly enough, she always knows when I haven’t been reciting them regularly. I don’t think the fact that she’s psychic has anything to do with this….I think it’s because my life so readily reflects where my head is….and isn’t.

    The key to these things though, isn’t merely reciting them as if they were rote; you have to believe in them and give them the power they deserve. Positive thinking won’t cure all ills, but it sure makes a dent in them.

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