Posted by: deedisparti | September 8, 2007

Now, hear this….

Well, once again out of a somewhat sound sleep I have been summoned.  Why do they do it?  It is like being the only telephone company in town and whatever time it is, day or night, the call needs to be answered.  Last night I talked to someone new and now there is a message waiting to be delivered.  It will not go quietly away, action must be taken.

After a while, your friends no longer shake their heads in disbelief.  They just listen to what you have to say.  All too often the information you have passed to them has turned out to be important, no matter how bizarre it might sound on our side of the veil.  Believe me, it can sometimes sound pretty darn wild!

 This time it is simply a name, a number and three spirits asking for a voice with a young woman who tells me she is a Medium.  Twice they have awakened me during the night with the same demands.  Twice is significant in that it isn’t going away and sleep will not come until I pass the message along.  Thank goodness for e-mail to help me dispatch the information, sleep can be succumbed to again.  

This brings me to tell you, we all get these messages.  They come most often in our dreams, listening to them should become a habit.  Unfortunately, in our world today, often we choose to not remember our dreams or our hunches.  They are important and as much a part of us as anything else in our lives.  Whole civilizations have been won or lost on the information contained in a dream.

Begin to listen to your dreams, we all have them.  Even if you are convinced you do not dream, you do every night.  You may not remember them, you do have them.  Perhaps you should begin to keep a journal and soon you will be receiving significant information regarding all kinds of things in your life.  You will be able to negotiate the ups and downs in life in such a smooth and sane way.  The thought you have not done it before will amaze you.  All you have to do is take your dreams to task.

Give voice to the information your higher self is giving you.  Listen to the help offered by loves ones who have passed on to the other side.  Listen to your guides.  The more often you do, the clearer your path will become to you.  Those hunches you are receiving are for you and you alone.  Take heed.   

Wake up every morning and say a big, resounding “Thank you.”  If you are reading this, thank you is the least you should say to the Universe or whatever name you want to use.  It will help you start each and every day off on the proper footing.  Who amongst us doesn’t need a solid footing in life?



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