Posted by: deedisparti | September 9, 2007

Rods or Pendulums, that is the question

A friend suggested I should share with you some of what I do.  So, here it goes with one of my true loves, dowsing. 

A young pregnant woman came to visit and my grandmother put a needle and thread in my hands.  I was four or five years old.  She told me you could determine the sex of an unborn child by using the needle and thread as a tool.  Little did she know, my life was pushed in the direction of dowsing at that very moment.  I might also add, my  prediction for the sex of the child proved to be correct as well.  With such an answer I was placed well on the path looking for perfection in all things.  Still looking.

Along about the same age, my Dad had me use a “y” shaped branch to help him find water so we could dig a well in the back yard.  It was a hard time in Texas, a seven year drought.   I recall seeing pictures in Life Magazine of Texas Ranchers burning the spines off of cactus.  It was all they had left to feed the cattle. 

You were not allowed to water your grass at will.  When we watered the lawn a sign had to be placed in the front yard stating well water was being used for the chore.  More than once a policeman would stop and have my Dad go cut the well off so they could be sure we were using our own water.  It seems many would put the “well water” sign out front of their houses and still use their city water.  It is so hard to imagine anyone doing anything so dishonest!

When you took a bath, the red sediment at the bottom of the tub indicated you may not be all that clean.  My Mother told us they were diverting water from the Red River to help with the drought situation in Dallas.  Who could have predicted you could take a bath and have enough soil left over for a truck garden as well? 

This was back during a time when you could see great dust clouds moving into the area.  We would put old sheets down around the bottoms of the doors and around the windows.  In spite of this precaution, the wind blew, the dust storm came howling under the doors leaving a layer of dust all over everything.  No wonder we had so many respiratory problems as kids!

I digress.

Using dowsing for so many things in my life became an everyday occurance.  Using dowsing,  you soon found you could look for more than water with this technique?  You can answer simple “yes” and “no” questions, look for lost articles, check for ripeness of a fruit or vegetable, the uses are limitless.  Here is one of the biggies I use it for….. ghosts/spirits, paranormal activity!  All of these ideas can be addressed with either a set of rods or a pendulum.               

When on a paranormal investigation, you can find areas to take pictures or record EVP with just a little dowsing.  The quality of your material will be generally better if you know where to look for activity.  In most instances, it is even more reliable than the new fangled technology, EMF meters.  I know it sounds astounding, it is true though.

We manufacture and sell dowsing rods.  Folks swear by the efficiency of our rods and they own others as well.  Apparently our wands are special, owners of other manufactured wands/rods, swear there is a notable difference when using  a pair of our wands.  They like ours best, don’t know what the difference is and have yet to understand.  But, if you ever want a nice set of rods, give us a holler at

We also give our rods away to help organizations locate unmarked graves and determine the sex of the individual/s buried within.  Wands have even shown animals rather than human beings being buried.  Horses seem to have been buried close to their owners in the past, they remain there in death today.  Don’t think it is an on-going trend trend today, at least not on this side of the Atlantic.

In all of our travels we have never met even one person who could not get the rods to react.  It is a given, you can dowse.  Would not want the word to get out.  If everyone can dowse, do you suppose it isn’t paranormal?  Do you think it may be normal?  Well, if it is….. let’s keep it a secret!  





  1. As I was reading your post I was thinking as I talked to you on the phone I called my dowsing rods, “sticks”. Not sure if you caught on to that. My grandpa use to use a Y shaped branch to look for water on his property. Other farmers thought he was crazy until he found an underground spring (which supplied all their water & two ponds). The other farmer’s then hired him to look for water on their land. I’m proud of my “sticks” that your husband made for me! Every time I use them I think of my Grandpa!

  2. Glad to hear they make Grandpa come to mind. They are called by many names and it doesn’t matter what you use to describe them, as long as they work!

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