Posted by: deedisparti | September 18, 2007

Spirit Rescue Work

Well, for all of you out there wondering exactly what a Medium does, there is a new show in town, Rescue Mediums.  Two thirty minute episodes each Saturday evening, 9 and 9:30/8 and 8:30 Central on WE Television, showcase the work of two Canadian Mediums who do spirit rescue.  You can read about it here…

They are no nonsense and do the kind of work many of us do, with their own little twists.  My husband and I both enjoyed watching them this past week and intend to watch again.  We thought it would be good to pass along the information for others interested in the subject matter. 

You will also be able to see how two people can go to the same physical site and get their information in differing ways.   By watching them work together, perhaps you can begin to understand small messages and hunches you are receiving.  It is different for us all, just a matter of our perception.   

Remember to  keep your messages in a journal of some kind, even the smallest “hunch”, and see if you begin to notice a trend.  The messages are yours and yours alone.  They will come to you in words or symbols for you to understand.  You are the one to unlock any hidden or profound meaning and act upon it.  Pay attention, they are trying to talk to you in many ways.  They will work to help at every turn with your ability to understand your own personal journey through this life.

Any questions?



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