Posted by: deedisparti | September 21, 2007

It’s the Horses!

Received a call a year or two ago regarding a “haunting” in a house in the DFW area.  Seems there was something that sounded like a baseball bat hitting the side of the house and the attic floor loudly, along with a lot of otherworldly events occurring daily.  It was especially worrisome to the family because young children were involved.  It seems the haints had been making themselves known to the children in more than one terrifying way.

When the initial telephone interview occurred, it was disturbing to learn a paranormal group from the DFW area had already been out to the house.  During their “investigation” they managed to create more havoc in the already active house.  What had been a medium size occurance was beginning to become bigger than life, as it were.  Times like this make you ponder why some folks in the paranormal field are taken seriously at all.

Making arrangements to visit the house after a six hour drive, put us there on a Friday evening.  We checked in to our hotel and headed out to the house requiring our attention.  The young woman of the house was really calm considering the interruptions and chaos she had been experiencing on a daily basis.  It seems the previous group had gone in, ordered her out of the house so they could investigate, made things worse with their version of a seance and were about to leave. 

The homeowner wanted to know what could be done to make things better in their environment.  She was told to call them later and set up an appointment in a month or two.  They would then come back out to her house.  This time they would arrive and remove the problems, while charging her for the service.  While this is surely a way to ensure you are always employed, it is also less than honest, in my opinion.   

We went to the house to make contact early in the evening.  Her neighbors were there visiting with her when we arrived.  I went into the house alone and the energy was so great, the house began to heat up almost at once.  Told them we would be back shortly to see what is going on with the high activity level.

When we returned to the house, we settled in with our equipment to document whatever was going on in the place.  Immediately, there appeared to be the spirit of a man who drank heavily.  Turns out he was someone who knew the owner in life.  While it may have been annoying to deal with him on a daily basis, he was harmless.  After quite a lot of negotiating, he was left to deal with moving on with his life.  After a couple of days he did just that with nary a problem.

The next direction we took was to look at the extremely active spirit/s left to speak to within the house.  The young son, about three or four years old, was being frightened by whatever was in his room.  That seemed as good a place as any to head towards.

Once in the bedroom, I sat down on the bed facing the doorway.  The room was charged, you could feel it the minute you set foot across the threshold.  Very slowly my eyes closed and asked for the spirit to move forward in order to understand what had been happening.

Someone shouted, “It’s the horses!”  What an odd thing to hear.  Then a warrior was seen standing proud.  He then showed me masks made to scare and cause the participant, me, to flinch in terror.  It wasn’t going to happen.  He showed me himself with several otherwarriors riding across the plains and capturing horses.  He let me feel the freedom and the pride, what wonderful feelings to encounter.  I knew he was a Comanche with several other warriors.  We left after that and went back to do research in the hotel room.

Was I amazed!  Turns out the Comanches often wore grotesque masks to scare their children.  Apparently, a scared child is a good child.  Now I know what to talk about.

Didn’t take long the next day to get the spirits to understand they were no longer among the living.  We let them know they could move on if they wanted to move forward.  Asked them not to scare the children and told them horses would be in the room for them.  The young woman already had a few horses in the little boys room.  Since that time she has added more horses and deer also for good measure.  

Our homeowner learned how to use dowsing to answer questions and everyone is living peaceably again.   I told her they were called dowsing rods or wands.  Also showed her how to ask and recieve answers.  Everyone is now benefiting with the current arrangement in the house.

One thing that really struck me as strange though was when she and I spoke later on the phone.  She called the rods “talking sticks” then.  Just as she would have done if she were a Native American.  Seems the name just popped into her head one day and seemed right.

Imagine what we all could understand if we only listened to the little voice.  The little voice in our heads trying so hard to get through to us. 




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