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Demons, anyone?

While the subject of demons comes up often, generally they are not to be found.  Like all things paranormal, they are there though it is in small quantities.  Sometimes when I see a call for “Ghost Investigators” or “Paranormal Investigators” go out, it is for a violent haunting involving demons or something equally as nasty.  Most of the time the haunting has only been documented through a phone call and in an attempt to investigate a problem, the investigators will take all that they are told as the gospel.  Often this is what they will report back as their final analysis.  For the most part, the violent haunting is as violent as the making of a pb&j sandwich.  Fortunately, the investigators who do this type of sensational investigations are few in number.  There are also those few who will offer to remove a curse or haunting for a nominal sum of money,  this is when you know you have the wrong people involved and should feel a need to move on in your search for help. 

Most investigators are prudent and through in what they are doing to document paranormal activity and find the truth.  These are the ones you need to seek out if you want real help.  If you or someone you know has a flurry of paranormal activity in their lives, it is best to look for one of these reputable investigators.  These folks will have a no nonsense attitude towards the paranormal and look for normal explanations to all the activity you are experiencing.   If there seems to not be an easy explanation, they will move forward into looking for the more exotic reasons you may be having trouble.

More often than not, any strange activity you experience is nothing to become alarmed about.  If your problem falls under the paranormal unbrella, it is also probably going to be nothing more than someone wanting to be acknowledged.  Imagine how hard it must be to move to the other side and find no one hears or sees you anymore.  That could be a very lonely existence. 

Also ask yourself what there is to fear?  Someone showing themselves to you?  Someone making a noise or moving a piece of furniture?  By being reasonable, you will see there is nothing to fear and a lot to question.  If you keep your head squarely upon your shoulders, resolutions to any problems will come quickly and easily. 

You are not living in a Hollywood Movie, don’t expect the same fate that befalls the actors to be yours as well.  Hollywood’s idea of the paranormal is a far cry from reality.  They are causing fear and mayhem in the movie goers to sell those tickets in the good old capitalistic way.   There is not a thing wrong with that for entertainment, it is just not reality.

When you come to understand that “someone” is communicating with you, the best thing to do is communicate back.  If you speak out loud and ask them to be a little quieter or to not wake you up at night, they will listen.  If done in a positive and firm manner you will quickly be able to resolve the situation.  If you do not want anyone in your bedroom or bathroom simply ask politely for them to stay out of both places.  We find that is all that is needed to have privacy in your own home.  These are people you are dealing with and they will react just like the other people in your life.

And, lastly, remember to keep a sense of humor on the back burner to bring up to the front during any kind of ghostly activity.  Humor will always turn a situation around and help relieve any anxiety you may have.  It will also help to relieve stress in these situations and keep you more balanced and calm.  

Let me know how your hauntings go.


Posted by: deedisparti | August 11, 2007

Graveyard Shift

Have you ever wondered why a graveyard is so frightening to so many of the living?  What do they expect to find after dark that can send them scurrying to their cars?  What monsters must lurk behind the stones?   Are the dead really living?  Are the living really dead? 

There are no better places to find paranormal activity of this ghostly kind than a cemetery.  When we enter, our sense of mortality begins to come forward into our conscious minds.  This is not an easy feeling to deal with as a human being.  The thought of being no more, when our physical body returns to the earth, will shake even the sturdiest of souls.  Our fear of physical death is fueled by the thoughts of ghosts and monsters making themselves known to us any place where we feel uneasy.   This feeling is multiplied ten-fold when the sun goes down and darkness approaches.  Our nice warm comfort zone is invaded by the darkness and we feel threatened.

It is hard for us to wrap our mind around the fact that we are the same person without a physical body as we were with a physical body.  We will still avoid those we don’t see as friendly or understanding.  If you are a prankster in life, you are a prankster after your life as well.  A bully remains a bully and a kind-hearted person continues to reflect that part of their personality.  You do not turn into a creepy, scary monster when you die, you are simply a continuation of “You”.

Now, here is where I come into the picture.  Going with you into the “forbidden zone” of fear and darkness, it becomes a time when we can reach out and get a glimse of what is on the other side.  For most, it turns into a good time filled with unusual pictures and EVP you can understand.

Certainly, there are many people who call themselves “Ghost Hunters” who will tell you there is not even a solitary spirit in a cemetery.  If they do not confirm the existence of spirits through EVP or photos, there simply isn’t anyone there.  This shows you the lengths a spirit will go to in order to avoid someone they don’t want to have contact with on any level.   The investigators leave without a clue someone had been watching them the whole time. 

When we go into a place, the first thing we do is tell all the attending spirits “hello”.  The last thing we do when we go into a place is say, “Thank you.”  These are two most important things to do on an investigation.  The hello gets you in the door, as it were, and the thank you will allow you to be welcomed back in the future.  They are there, it is just a matter of you being able to connect.

If ever we meet, perhaps we will get to do a bit of investigating together.  You will see how easy it is to move into the unknown without fear.  Who knows, maybe a deceased movie star will acknowledge you and just think what a story that will make for you to tell your grandchildren!  

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Here a Guru, There a Guru

How we view our world, our filters, is how we react and participate within our culture.   Every facet of our existence is governed by these perceptions, including everything from the way we act within our family structure to how we treat our social counterparts.   It is no wonder truth is such a hard thing to find.  In some areas of our life, even questioning a thought or ideal is not allowed.  Is it so strange you find so many petty dictators running amok in our lives?  When you least expect it, another one pops up and refuses to go away until you agree with them.  Even when they hold their breath until they turn blue, it will not get me to agree with an opinion that is, at the very least, extremely flawed.  What purpose would that serve?  How could that be a good and positive thing?

A web group, having me as a member, has recently made me aware of these little tyrants calling all the shots.  My mind was reacting with a “How can this be?” and “Don’t people really want to examine the truth?”  The answer was of course not, as it is painful and complicated to research and think through the issue at hand.  Statements were made on a Meet Up Group dealing with the ideal of spirituality and how to learn to lead a positive life, each of the statements was inherently flawed.   Each made the petty tyrant the be all, end all expert.   A few years ago, would have just said, “What a crock!”.  Now, my stubborn streak has allowed me to speak up and basically cause trouble in paradise.  

One person had set themselves up as the chief guru of the group.  What surprised me more than the stand the manipulative person took, was the stand the people in her “group” took with her.  She had the ability to cause folks to follow her blindly down the primrose path and never, not once, look back.   She would take money from anyone wanting her services.  Nevermind she had no real life experience in the things she does and that she felt she knew all there was to know about the spiritual and paranormal in her own mind.  She refused to be questioned when it came to her advice or or the blanket statements she made having already set them in stone.  To me, this is when I really begin to question and as a result, branding me a trouble maker was easy for her to do.  For me, her insight was a bit too one-sided, requiring me to blindly follow anything.  Also moving in any direction she so desired was a bit more than I could stand.  With this attitude, my brakes went on and a resounding “No!” echoed through my brain.

So, I ask you to look about you and realize who amongst us is not quite what they want to appear to be?  It is best in some instances to stand up and do the right thing, no matter the group does not see what is being done around them.  Let everyone know you smell something rotten and you would appreciate it if others would take a second look as well.   It can only help to bring people to an understanding of the need for truth in their daily lives.  It is out there for us all.


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Right Brained, Moi?

I just want to explain to those of you out there reading my blog, this is being written by a very right brained individual.  What may seem clear as daylight to me, could be dark as night to the reader.  Please overlook anything that falls into the category of not quite logical.  My brain always has had its’ way with me.  It is just a matter of knowing this is the way things are in life.  When the time comes I just shut up, sit down and stay for the ride.   This ride is sometimes smooth, sometimes bumpy, always colorful and interesting. 

For years it became a game to avoid shaking hands with people.  If we shook hands, a virtual reality tour of their lives would unfold, often including even their sex lives.  Not such a good thing when it happens over and over with such people as your new father-in-law.  Oops!

Then, as luck would have it, a Medium from the UK came into my life and showed me how to shut down such annoying activity.  It was a gift from the gods, indeed.  Now it is no longer impossible to go into the middle of big crowds.  The idea of a get-together with more than three people even begins to seem like a good idea.  Long flights on airliners become something to look forward to now.  Freedom! Freedom!  How sweet you are!

Airplanes became a thing of delight to me.  It is so easy to get from point “A” to point “B” without a problem and oh, so quickly.  Who could ask for more?  Until that faithful day we changed planes in the Las Vegas Airport during the spring of 2004.  A reality check was going to soon hit me between the eyes.

As we settled in on the plane, me in the window seat and my husband on the aisle to accomodate his long legs, we were joined by a slightly built individual in the middle seat.  Then my mind was saying, “Wait for it, wait for it!”, so I did.  Holy Moly, was there a big surprise approaching from my left. 

For lack of a better name, let’s just call him, Norman.  There he sat all five foot six, one-hundred thirty pounds of him.  You would think the impact of such a small individual would not be much at all.  Well, remember that other small guy?  Wasn’t his name Napoleon?  Didn’t he leave a big mark on his environment?  Never underestimate the ability of an individual’s energy to be much bigger than the individual.  In fact, if they are about to sit next to you, count on it.

Noman’s energy hit me like a ton of bricks and then he began to speak.  It seemed bad before he spoke, now the energy was enveloping me with all its’ bizarre textures and feelings.  If I could have opened the window, it would have flown open in a New York Second.   What is this wierdness, coming complete with strange pictures?  The more he talked, the more fascinated and uneasy my person became.  It was all begining to fall into place.  I almost recognized the information I was getting from somewhere “out there”.  

The pictures were coming fast and furious.  Pictures of men playing drums in the middle of the jungle.  Oh, my god, those drums were covered with the skin of men and every time a stick hit the drum, the human mouth in the head still attached to the skin would fly open!   Why were these pictures coming to me?  What did it mean?

OK, now I get the “Wait for it, wait for it!”.  We, my brain and me, are talking about a book I read in my youth.  With these visions in my head, it is easy recognize his energy and the name that should go with it!  His name should be something close to Norman Bates and the pictures are right out of the first few pages of the book, “Psycho”.  Who knew these pictures had been lying dormant in my brain for way over forty years?  Norman on the plane was one weird conversationalist and he made it his job to talk, a lot.  I could only listen in fascination and hope the flight was short today. 

Happiness became overwhelming when we reached our destination.  Getting off that plane was like being able to breathe again.  Just wanting to kneel and kiss the ground, knowing that energy located next to me the whole flight was long gone, made me feel great relief!

Now, does this blog make the perils of being right brained a little clearer to you?  It is not an easy task, let me tell you, always relying on the right side of my brain can be  very difficult.   It always keeps me on my toes and guessing. 

Hopefully, being equiped with this information will keep you coming back and sharing some of your own remarks, questions and stories. 

That’s what I’m here for……


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Tales in the Crypt

Have to admit one of my favorite places to go is a mausoleum, so much activity there even in the daylight hours,  going unnoticed.  This is great.  After dark when visitors have left, the games begin.  If you want to talk to someone of the dearly departed persuasion, this is the time to go and the place to be.

There is something almost seductive about the feeling of all that cool marble around you until you notice you are not alone.  The moonlight glistens off the white marble walls and the feeling of being in another time, in another civilization can overwhelm you, if you allow it.  Suddenly you could be in ancient Greece, walking through a temple all alone, then the sound of someone walking around in the next corridor brings you back to reality.  No sense being in a marble crypt, complete with a production crew who are paying for the facilities, and not taking full advantage of the moment.  Off we go, there is work to be done. 

As if by magic, a table and four chairs appear, out comes the candle and a lighter.  Someone is busy putting camcorders on tripods and there is hustle and bustle all around.   The director is checking the battery of the hand-held camcorder.  The seance is about to begin.

The cameras are all ready to go, we take our seats and light the candle.    The participants in the seance join hands,  get comfortable and off go the lights.   An all important prayer for protection is uttered and we are off and running.  The director then takes her place between us all, she stands with a camcorder held in her hands to get those all important up-the-nose close-ups.  Close-ups to make even the most higienic amongst us wonder if we measure up on the nose cleanliness scale.   

We have been told we are looking for Rudolph Valentino and he does not appear to be interested.   For a good fifteen or twenty minutes we ask for Mr. Valentino to visit us but nothing, nary a word or sign.

We change tactics and ask for a sign of anyone in the area who is with us from the other side.   Peter Finch appeared before me, laughing like a man who had just been the originator of an excellent joke.  He was certainly a cocky spirit and seemed full of himself.

Suddenly there is the sound of hushed male voices chattering as if they are in a men’s club lasting about twenty or thirty seconds.  Let me mention here, there were crypts all the way to the ceiling, the window was a huge stained glass one that neither opened or closed.  Behind us was the small production crew and there was no way for the sound to have come at us from the direction it did unless it was from out of nowhere.  At this point, it was really getting to be fun for the ones holding the seance.  How can you help but smile when you know someone is taking you seriously?   Well, when you got a lucky streak going, you try to multiply your luck.  And so we did.

I am still asking for proof because the director is moving around us putting the camera on each of us to see our reactions.  At this point we were all questioning the sound and having a great time.  

Our director keeps asking to get more.  Never timid when it comes to a challenge, we asked for more.  We were once again in the presence of an other-worldly noise.  A long, low, masculine, very loud moan began to usher forth from nowhere.  How cool is that?  It was apparently impressive enough to have the director wanting more once again.   So, onward we went down the path to the other world, boldly going where few have gone before.

By this time Peter Finch was slapping his knees and laughing so hard he could barely stand.  It was fun indeed for all of us.  With a little push from the director, once again, we pushed forward for some “real proof”. 

This next portion is hard to believe unless you have been someplace and had it happen to you.  So here it goes…

I am asking for more proof, the director is in my face and then moves to the other side of the table.  Our hands are still all upon the top of the table, joined.  Our feet can be seen and Mr. Finch is beginning to develope a gleam in his eyes.  Should have known we were headed for rocky waters!

As soon as the director was standing opposite me at the table, something came out of thin air just above us and ever so gently touched me on the shoulder and then fell to the ground.  It was so gentle there was no way it could have been thrown, like someone tapping you on the shoulder.  Mayhem ensued and we had to break the circle to calm the director.  She was screaming and hopping around.  Definately had to be calmed down immediately.  Good ole Mr. Finch was about doubled over with laughter. 

We calmed her down, sat back down and our production crew decided it was time to pack up and leave.  Guess we had supplied enough “proof” for one evening.  Too bad, could have gone on for hours after that! 

 To this day, still have the wonderful quarter moon with a star in my possession.  That is what came down from the air that night, the apport that was given to me by a Hollywood Movie Star.  It is blue with sequins and the star is light in color dangling down from the moon.  It will be with me forever to remind me of what can happen when you ask for it.

When the production company left a few days later, our director confided in us she had never experienced anything like the things she saw with us.  Still don’t know if that was a compliment. 



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I’m a Medium????

Hello, everyone.  Thought today was as good a day as any to start a new adventure and this blog would be just that.  I will start by introducing myself and let’s see where it goes from there.

My name is Dee Disparti and I am a Medium.  Working with people on this side and on the other side to achieve resolution and closure is often very interesting.  While it sometimes may be a bit scary for those on this side, we can generally achieve a good understanding about what is going on and adjust life accordingly.  Once the fear has been replaced by understanding, it is easier to regain control over your life.  Often the Spirit Person doesn’t want anything more than to be recognized from time to time.  Sometimes the path to the light and the other side is opened up for them by one visit by Gadzooks, Ghosts! (that’s us)  and a short conversation.  They can then move forward from there to the light and the other side.  Sometimes you are left in the lurch, no one wants to talk to you.  They stand back and glare, telling you to go away.  Occassionally, something may be thrown through the air and those ever present footfalls echo through a room when you lease expect it.  Thankfully, the aggression doesn’t happen  often.  You really don’t know what you will find until you direct yourself into their world.

Just because you have gone to the other side, doesn’t mean you are any different.  If you were a character on this side, you can bet your britches you will still be that same character on the other side.  Perhaps that is why so many times nothing more than pranks are pulled on the inhabitants of “haunted” homes.   They only want to be noticed and have a laugh or two.

We would like to offer up information and “how-tos” on communication, how to find and understand why someone would choose to stay.  If you name it, we will talk about it.  We would like to have humor and understanding shining through, along with some cool stories we have stashed in the back of my mind.  All we ask is for some feedback so there will be an idea as to what you would want to hear about. 

If you need help, we will see what we can do.  If you are interested in the subject, we will attempt to fill your mind with ideas and resources.

As for the humor, it will turn up often in this blog.  Love and humor are big building blocks in this Universe and it is hard to make your way without them.


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